The ‘Interwebs’ is buzzing at the moment about rapper Iggy Azalea and we love a girl that can kick some dope rhymes (that was our pathetic attempt at being down with the streets). She’s also very hot and that helps out a lot when you’re trying to get your name known.

She wanted to be sure that we weren't contaminated

We won't beat around the bush here, other than LA based rapper Kreyashawn, how many other white female rappers are out there making a buzz and killing it on the internet? None, right? Well that's about to change with our girl Iggy.

Best. Hair Swoosh. EVER... maybe

Hailing from Houston by way of Australia she isn't just a pretty face, finding her flow in H-Town which is home to the legendary UGK (a.k.a Bun & the late Pimp C), this girl's rap skills are crazy. The Australian native - who sites Grace Kelly and fallen Hip-Hop icon 2Pac as her inspiration - has that southern trapper-rapper flow that's got the game going crazy at the moment. We love the fact the we can blast her tracks at full volume in our Citroen Saxo. Also: she's got quite a booty. Wait, what do you mean you hadn't noticed?

Check out her new video My World below and if you like what you hear, download her Ignorant Art mixtape here.