Looks like Imogen Thomas is going to be climbing a mountain, which is why, if this page could play music – it’d be giving you the best bits of the Rocky soundtrack at full volume. There are other reasons, for one she’s wearing boxing gloves, punching a very large man in the hands and doing press ups on the floor. So it’s like a training montage, with a sexy Welsh alternative to Sly Stallone. Yeah we knew you’d be all excited.


You probably knew that Imogen became something of a hot topic lately when it was revealed that she’d more than likely been having an affair with a footballer. Now if you are expecting any funny jokes about this, we are sorry to disappoint. Our lawyers have ZERO TOLERANCE for jokes.


Apparently she’ll be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for the Children's Hospice, later this June. Isn’t it nice when you find a pretty face with a warm heart. Yes, it is.


 Imogen Thomas does pressups with trainerImogen Thomas does pressups with trainer

Annoyed at being punched in the hands so often, Trainer wouldn't let Imogen get up


We can already hear you asking to know some fun trivia about our altruistic little friend. FHM with it’s infinite wisdom on ladies and trivia, is happy to oblige you.


Well, since season 7 of Big Brother, where she ‘got famous for being famous’ she’s been a glamour model, a television personality and professional sexy person. That all went well ‘til 2009 she caught swine flu after a holiday in Marbella. When she got back to the UK they quarantined her in her flat! Who could do such a thing to Imogen? She seems so nice!


Hopefully her journey to Tanzania (where, unsparingly, Kilimanjaro can be found) will result in a bit less contagious life threatening infection and quarantine, and a bit more money for the kids who need it.


Feeling altruistic? – help her fundraising here - http://www.justgiving.com/user/24470846