'ere at FHM, we're not afraid to tread unchartered territory. Only a couple of weeks ago we introduced you to the glorious wonderment of Miss Taylor Cole. What a bloody terrific Tuesday that was. Now, on this humble Wednesday, we're making you aware of the little bundle of blonde loveliness that makes up Cassie Scerbo. 

Just who is Cassie Scerbo? THIS IS WHO:

Got your attention now, haven't we? Already had it at the top of the page, did we? Right. Good. Then let's proceed.

Cassandra Lynn "Cassie" Scerno was born on the 30th of March in the year 1990... WHAT? 1990?! Christ, we've got socks that are older than that. And tins of soup. Mmm, socks and soup. Lovely.

Cassie's first shot at fame was as part of girl group 'Slumber Party GIrls'. We've never heard any of their stuff, but judging by their name, we imagine they specialized in macabre melancholy suicide rock. The Slumber Party Girls were one of those artificial bands thrown together from a thousand hopeful wannabes. Like Cheestrings, but music. Sadly, 'SPG' split soon after the release of their debut album, Dance Revolution. As yet unsubstantiated reports suggest this is because it was shit. 

Undeterred, Cass signed a solo recording contract and released tracks like Betcha Don't Know, Sugar and Spice and Top of the World. We're sure Liam Gallagher is petrified. Actually, having heard Beady Eye's debut single Bring the Light, he probably should be. 

Meanwhile, Cassie's become something of a thespian, starring in films and programmes (sometimes it's hard to tell the difference) including Bring It On: In It to Win It, Soccer Mom, Make It or Break It and 10 Things I Hate About You. Watch out, Oscars.

So, in conclusion, Cassie Scerbo is good at being very attractive. What else she's good at... watch this space.