By Jordan Waller

Generally, the word ‘monk’ conjures up images of slightly unfashionable bald blokes warbling in the dark about a guy called Jesus who lives off his Dad’s fame, like Callum Best. At best, the word drags up long forgotten images of the dodgy fish courses at our sister’s wedding or that OCD detective show we used to watch instead of going to college. Thankfully, after a dodgy start, God, in all his infinite bearded glory, has delivered to us Sophie Monk, to right the aesthetic wrongs of her namesakes.

Monk is an English-Australian pop singer, turned actress turned model turned beautiful beach dwelling ambassador of beach dwelling woman. Here she is on a beach doubtlessly unaware of the camera like a sexy Dr No remake.

You might also recognise those finely toned legs from one of her awesomely named straight to DVD movies, Sex and Death 101, Spring Breakdown, creepy slasher porn The Hills Run Red or Monk’eying Around. We might have made one of those up.
Failing that, you might have caught her in the Adam Sandler comedy, Click, when you last let your girlfriend choose a DVD to watch. Or, alternatively, as the star of the brilliant Blink 182 video, Always, where she simultaneously spreads her beauty across three screens causing men everywhere to think, “This is exactly what it is like to be in a band…. must buy a guitar…now!” Which is exactly what we might not have done.