Words: Lynsey Anna Jones

What's not to like about summer?

Longer days... warm sunshine... ice cream... holidays... beaches... barbecues...

As seasons go, summer has "got it goin' on".

So imagine summer in human form. Wouldn't that be just grand?

Summer Crosley sexy
She's hopeless at hide 'n' seek

Thus, with summer the season on the horizon, we thought we’d introduce you to, well, Summer the person.

We could have spent a really long time introducing Ms. Crosley. We could have made a hilarious reference, and somehow managed to link what we had for lunch with how great this girl looks in red lace. But we know we’re hilarious. You know we’re hilarious. Heck, even Summer knows we’re hilarious - so let’s get down to business.

Summer Crosley red lace underwear
Red lace: check. Amusing lunch-related gag: missing

Basically, Summer Crosley looks really good in her underwear. She's a 5' 9" model and actress in that big land filled with stars and stripes (and Megan Fox) across the pond. When she’s not showing people how good she looks in her pants, which we actively encourage, and apparently frequenting farmer’s markets, she describes herself as a ‘busy girl’.

Summer Crosley hot
Aren't we all, love? Aren't we all?

She recently featured on the show Californication, and has been hired as the spokesmodel for Brooke Burke’s new shoe line. (Yes, shoes DO need spokesmodels - don't question it.) She was an obvious choice for that shoe-gig: the first thing we thought when we saw her photos was ‘great feet’. While we were busy admiring the arch of her foot, and not even noticing her missing bra, we also heard she’s big on the whole ‘save the ocean’ thing, and turns shells into candles to earn money for ocean conservation.

Although we think perhaps we ought to have taken more from discovering this, we have concluded: great legs, good with her hands.

Pockets were always hogging the limelight