Tennis WAGs: the WAGs of Wimbledon

Posted by , 16 June 2011

Irina Davydenko

Irina Davydenko

Partner: Nikolay Davydenko

When you think of women in tennis, Russia immediately springs to mind. The largest country in the world has brought us Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova, Maria Kirilenko and Elena Dementieva (Google her). So it should come as no surprise that controversial Matt Dawson-lookalike Nikolay Davydenko’s wife merits a spot on our list.

What d’you mean he doesn’t look like him? He bloody does. That’s that settled, then. 

A weird and unrelated but nonetheless entertaining quote from barmy but brilliant Boris Becker:
“When I was a child, I had posters of James Dean in my room. I was a big admirer of his work and was fascinated by him living on the edge. Looking back, my life was kind of the same.”

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