FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011

Posted by , 05 May 2011

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#10 Irina Shayk

New entry

If you weren’t one of the many guys who voted for Irina Shayk, then she may be a relatively unfamiliar name to you. It might even prove to be pretty troublesome for some to pronounce (‘Eye-reen-ah Shy-eek’ is basically what you’re after, pronunciation fans).

But don’t worry too much about that, because what you really need to know is this: the 25-year-old Russian – who’s currently keeping Cristiano Ronaldo occupied when he isn’t either diving or shooting from 45 yards – has been photographed a lot whilst traipsing around in just a bikini in the past year. And that generally leads to good things. Like being your second-highest new entry in this year’s countdown. And thinking about her not wearing very much. Very often.

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