Right, we’re getting tired of Cannes, now. At first it seems like a great thing – all these gorgeous women, all dressed up and having their pictures taken, all in one place. Gorgeous women like Irina Shayk, by the way, who is article is about.

But then you realise that it’s all a bit... samey. There’s only so many times you can witter on about red carpets and go off on wild, Mel Gibson-basing tangents before it starts to get real old real fast.

Irina Shayk wears looks sexy as all hell in Cannes 2011
A bit like Mel Gibson did, actually

Maybe we could talk about the weather there instead. It sure looks nice in Cannes. Proper barbeque weather, although we doubt Irina would want to get anywhere near a grill in her pristine white dress.

But surely it’ll be over soon, right? Surely we’ll go back to our normal programming of simply waiting until someone who’s a) female, b) gorgeous and c) famous does something vaguely noteworthy, then telling you about it?

We hope. It must end soon. We can’t go on like this. Even this article, which sounds basically alright, is just complaining about how there’s nothing to write about. Maybe it’s Irina Shayk that’s doing it; the words in her articles always end up getting fairly meta.

Irina Shayk wears looks sexy as all hell in Cannes 2011
Miniature cauliflower clung to finger for support

Until things return to normal, though, we’re stuck. Seeing as life has given us lemons we’re going to make lemonade, although by lemons we mean “some pictures of the staggeringly beautiful Irina Shayk” and by lemonade we mean “an article about her featuring those pictures.”

Don’t know why we didn’t just say that in the first place.

Anyway, yes. Enjoy.