Lovely Irina Shayk is back. It's not like she'd been away for very long or anything, but she's definitely back. Oh yes. We've got video to prove it.

Eagle-eyed viewers might spot that we've already told you about Irina doing her thing (that is, modelling clothes) for Rampage – almost two weeks ago as part of our bi-weekly cavalcade of beauty that is The Week in Women. But then, doing our standard internet rounds, we discovered that there was a video taken of the shoot.

Irina Shayk for Rampage clothing
Look, she's having her picture taken, see? So they've put massive filmstrips over the image. Clever

Well, it's a slow news day, and who doesn't want to see Irina Shayk in lingerie? No-one. Especially when she's got a fan blowing over her to make her look all dramatic and windswept, as though she's on a moor of some sort. That's prime video content right there. Almost better than a cat trying to sit in boxes that are far too small for it to fit into.

We don't know an awful lot about Rampage, but Irina seems to like them so they're a-OK by us. We also really like the way that she pronounces the word “Accessories” in the clip. Is is possible to fancy someone more because of a mispronunciation? Well, we've done it. And if you've watched the video, so have you, probably.

Rampage have also got a great name, although it's perhaps wasted on a company that makes nice clothing. Maybe a monster truck racing team, or a manufacturer of combat shotguns might have been better suited to it. Shame.