We were all a bit upset about Lily Aldridge getting married to that Kings of Leon fellow (although, you know, congrats and all that, we wish you all the best, hope you have a wonderful life together, mutter mutter her loss mutter grumble) but Irina Shayk, #10 Sexiest Woman in the World and Victoria’s Secret model par excellence looks pretty good in a wedding dress too.

Better than Kate Middleton, by a long shot, and she was a model too – so you missed the mark, there, Wills. Poor show. Better looking even than her sister Pippa with that arse everyone was talking about.

Prisoner 36 had fared poorly and met her fate

She’s not actually getting married, we should hurry to point out. That’s not what’s happening at all (so don’t worry, there’s still time to snatch her away from Christiano Ronaldo, we’re sure she’ll be interested in you and not the good-looking, multi-million-dollar footballer she’s currently with).

What’s actually happening is that she’s showing off some fancy wedding dresses at an exhibition of fancy wedding dresses. Makes sense. If she turned up in a wedding dress to, say, a cocktail party or a PTA meeting she might come across as a bit mad, like an old widow in a Dickens novel.

We've got a rule here at FHM: if you can't fit your bridal train into 440x700 image, it's too long. Sort it out love

But she’s not mad (at least, as far as we know) and instead gorgeous (although that’s not to say you can’t be both, as John Carpenter’s The Ward proved earlier this year with some suspiciously hot mental patients) and selling wedding dresses. Good stuff. But this might well be a big hint to Ronaldo, so if you want to make your move, we advise getting in there as soon as is physically possible.