We all know Irina Shayk is drop-dead gorgeous. But did you know she’s the new face of Next lingerie? And that they’ve taken a load of pictures of her, wearing said lingerie? No? Well you’d best get in here and have a look-see, eh?

Next make clothes. We’re all about fashion here at FHM – some of us more than others, admittedly – but everyone in the office is well aware that Next is a company that makes clothes. You probably know that too, so there’s no sense in hammering home the point.

Irina Shayk for Next
Not that it's stopped us before

But how are Next to sell said clothes? By standing on street corners and hawking their wares like a common fruit salesman or prostitute? By offering a Kinder Surprise-style treat in the back pocket of each pair of jeans they sell? By instituting a massive golden ticket prize-draw where one lucky customer gets to go around the magical clothing factories, led by Nextie Nonker and his army of hideous orange dwarves?

Irina Shayk for Next
God what a horrible image. The orange dwarves, not Irina Shayk, obviously

No. None of the above. They are at best non-cost-effective, and at worst utterly daft. Instead they hire breathtakingly gorgeous women to wear their clothes for them. Folk see the breathtakingly gorgeous woman and somewhere deep in their heads they think “This woman is gorgeous! Surely that means I must BUY PANTS FROM NEXT.”

We’re not sure how it works, but it does. And we’re happy with that. We wouldn’t want to change anything that meant we saw less of Irina Shayk in her underwear – would you? No. No you wouldn’t. Case closed.

Job done