Bloody Hell, Irina, if you're cold why not just put a jumper on? We're sure we can lend you a coat or something, too, if you'd like. There's no need to go around in a massive hat with the girls out. That's just not sensible.

Of course, Irina Shayk isn't really cold at all. This is for two main reasons:

1) This is all in aid of selling jeans (jeans made the folks at Replay) so she's probably not actually in a chilling black void for reals and is instead in a well-insulated photography studio in America somewhere. Presumably they didn't want to detract attention away from the jeans, so they left her middle bits uncovered. A wise move. We can assume conscientious photographers wouldn't want Irina to be uncomfortable, so any dressing gowns or blankets would have been close at hand.

Irina Shayk takes her top off to sell some jeans
Presumably in a perfectly black airing cupboard somewhere

2) Irina Shayk's body temperature physically cannot drop below 60 degrees centigrade as she's just so incredibly hot. It's not a metaphor anymore - Irina Shayk could walk naked through snowfields, melting the ice around her footsteps, and not feel a thing. This is genuinely true. She went ice skating once and they had to shut the rink after it went all slushy. She can't pet polar bears because they start to get uncomfortable when she approaches them.

She has never been able to properly enjoy ice cream OR sorbet. When she was growing up in Russia, local families would ask to borrow her to keep sickly cattle warm through long winter nights. Any pictures you see of Irina wearing a coat have been photoshopped, as she can't wear them without being unmanageably sweaty. Penguins regard her as a bad luck charm and, if you invite her over to dinner, you can warm up your gravy by running it over her delicate fingers.

Irina Shayk takes her top off to sell some jeans
Although whether you'd still want to eat it afterwards is another matter

All true, that. We should know.