Strange headline, hey? Not really a lucid sentence, is it?

Trouble is, you see, we’re constrained by space. Space in the sense of the finite dimensional region in which all matter exists, that is. Not space in the universe-type sense of the expanse in which the solar system, stars, and galaxies exist. We don’t let that bother us. Those galaxies and planets and their apparent lack of living organisms. They can just shut right up.

Besides, when it comes to the crunch, that headline pretty much covers it.

What we’re trying to tell you is that Irina Shayk, Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester all got together in New York to help NYLON magazine celebrate its February issue.

Definitely not Kanye West

If we’d had more space (see above), we might’ve mentioned that Kanye West was also there, but there just wasn’t room. And Kanye isn’t as good to look at as Irina Shayk, Minka Kelly or Leighton Meester. So let’s pretend he wasn’t there. Shh, Kanye, get back in that box.

The party was held at the W Hotel Downtown, which we’ve never been to. At least we’re not barred though, like that cheeky devil Kanye West. If you ever go behind the reception desk at the W Hotel Downtown, you’ll see a little photo of Kanye with “Don’t let this man in” written on it. Sure, you’ll probably never go behind the reception of the W Hotel Downtown, but that just serves to make what we just told you slightly less implausible.

Which is good.

"How did you get in here?! Security..."