Lovely sexy-leg-having Irina Shayk was at an event for a fancy jewellery company called Cantamessa recently, and looked fantastic, as ever. Please look at these pictures of her which we have thoughtfully shared with you.

In preparation for this article, we thought we’d have a flick through the FHM archives and see what we’ve written about Irina Shayk in the past. After all, we don’t want to repeat ourselves and make the same joke over and over. Here at FHM, we’re all about top notch balls-to-the-wall fresh journalism, you know.

Irina Shayk at a Cantamessa Jewellery launch party
Fun fact: this picture is slightly longer than usual because otherwise we couldn't fit Irina's legs in

And yet, having examined some of our previous articles, there’s a definite theme developing. See, aside from being really hot and having some of the best legs on the planet, Irina Shayk doesn’t really do anything. She doesn’t really do anything at all, aside from dating Ronaldo.

So our articles tend to take a sort of meandering path around the truth and occasionally (read: basically always) go off on flights of fancy, because there’s not a lot to say about her short of a) she has wonderful legs b) she was at an event or in an advertising campaign, take a look, etc.

Irina Shayk at a Cantamessa Jewellery launch party
So is this one. We're not going to apologise, we reckon that they should be seen in their full glory

So we’ve done things like say how much we fancy Billie Piper and then shoehorn a tenuous link between her TV roles and Irina’s latest modelling gig, or pretend that she’s gone back in time and attempted to kill President Lincoln.

But we’re not going to do that today. Oh no. Instead, we’re going to actually report on ourselves and what we’ve written in the past, and not really contribute anything new at all despite these pictures of Irina and her fantastic legs and some vague wordfluff (it’s like literary candyfloss!) scattered around them.

Irina Shayk at a Cantamessa Jewellery launch party
"Blue morphsuits," they thought, "that'll sell rings"

So, yes. Enjoy.