Irina Shayk is hot. Hot like a St. Bernard left in a car on a summer’s day wearing a duffel coat and eating a spicy curry. Hot like eating a roast potato straight out of the oven while walking along scorching sand in bare feet. Hot like… other things that are hot.

We’ve established Irina Shayk’s hotness numerous times. She was hot when she went topless to flog shoes. She was hot when her legs were fairly outrageous. She was hot when she wore thigh-high boots to the cinema. She was hot when she went to a big party. She was hot when she wore loads of sexy dresses. She was hot in a Sports Illustrated video. She was hot wearing leather trousers and carrying a bear. She was hot hanging out with Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester. She was hot in PVC trousers. She was hot in swimming costumes. She was even hot while being hot for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Irina Shayk in shorts
Oh wow you'll never guess what... she's hot

And now, in some breaking news which will undoubtedly send tremors through the world of hotness, she’s hot despite wearing some stupid shorts.

Hot Irina Shayk wore these silly shorts to TAO Nightclub at the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas to mark the launch of 'Beach Season'.

FHM went to TAO once. It was last year, while we were in Vegas trying our best to make our fortune at the blackjack and roulette tables. We liked it, it had that glamorous feel you'd expect of the kind of place Irina Shayk would frequent, yet it was easy to get served and everyone was suprisingly friendly. We had a thoroughly smashing time. And we didn't wear shorts. But were we as hot as superhot model Irina Shayk?


Irina Shayk in shorts
Someone would later report missing grape