There's not a lady celeb in history who hasn't been tempted to turn their hand to creating a signature scent and flogging it in Boots for a princely sum of £34.99. Even Kerry Katona has her own perfume – Outrageous – which we imagine smells like an Iceland prawn platter.

The latest A list odour to hit the shelves is from none other than the night-marrying, meat-wearing, bonkers pop vixen Lady Gaga. In the poster for her new fragrance, Fame, a naked Gaga's nips and lady garden seems to have been attacked by well-oiled, muscular Lilliputians.

Super sexy the ad may be, it's also slightly mental and is severely likely to be banned for being right ruddy rude. But is it the perviest perfume advert ever? Or does one of the contenders below beat Gaga to the to the randy top spot? Tell us what you think...

1. Charlize Theron – J'Adore Dior
Though she may have scared us a bit with all the murdering in Monster, Charlize Theron was back on foxy form in the advert for J'Adore Dior. Stripping off and telling the audience to, "Feel what's real' got us more excited than when we had that great white shark in the face.

2. Beyoncé – Heat
The TV advert for Beyoncé's debut whiff, which showed the singer frolicing in the buff and carressing her cleavage was banned from daytime TV for being indecent, proving that we really weren't ready for her jelly after all.

3. Sophie Dahl – Opium
The curvy supermodel caused outrage among uptight folk with her provocative open-legged pose in the Opium ads. The poster, which looked deceptively like Sophie has been strumming her bango, was removed from billboards after complaints were made to the Advertising Standards Authority.

4. Kate Moss – YSL Parisienne
Glossy Mossy showed us why she's everyone's favourite supermodel after getting bonked into a bed of roses for this arty ad. Soundtracked by Depeche Mode, Kate's flower fondling makes us wish we'd paid more attention to Alan Titchmarsh.

5. Natalie Portman – Miss Dior Cherie
Not only did this TV commercial feature Serge Gainsbourg's porno-gasping filled Je T'aime as the backing track, naughty Natalie also blindfolds the luckiest fucker on the planet before no doubt engaging in some x-rated pickle tickling.