Hollywood divas don’t come fussier than Optimus Prime.

Not content with having Megan Fox as his leading lady in the first two Transformers movies, the part-time truck insisted on sharing screen time with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in the third. At least, that’s probably how it happened.

Now, for the fourth outing of the franchise, he’s really outdone himself – behold Nicola Peltz, the 19-year-old New York actress who's hotter than Satan’s special habanero sauce.

Having landed the coveted role opposite Mark Wahlberg and Optimus himself, Nicola will be making cinema screens sizzle across the country this summer. Could she one day go on to be crowned FHM Sexiest Woman In The World like her predecessors?

(Cue booming robot voice): Only time will tell.

Wow… what did you say her name was?

Nicola Peltz. She's mighty pretty, right?

Incredibly! Is she heir to the sweet dispenser empire?
No, you’re thinking of Pez.

Oh yes, that’s right. So is she an actress or an "actress"?

No quotation marks necessary. She's already demonstrated some serious acting skills in The Last Airbender and TV’s Bates Motel, but this summer’s Transformers movie should really put her on the radar.

What can we expect from that?
Details are sketchy at present but, based on the previous instalments, there’s likely to be blockbusting special effects, comedy undertones and giant, shape-shifting robots from space.

What’s next for her?

Transformers: Age Of Extinction is the first of a new trilogy of movies, so hopefully she’ll be returning for those. Other than that, there's nothing else lined up. But given that it was the first Transformers movie that launched Megan Fox to superstardom, we have high hopes for Nicola. Wahlberg doesn't walk away from explosions with just anyone.

Nicola Peltz

Is there any danger of her and Optimus forming Hollywood’s latest ‘power couple’?

In this day and age, anything is possible. And they'll likely be dubbed “Optola” by the press.

Words by Liam Crouse