There are lots of reasons to love Rihanna. Firstly, she makes infectious music that makes you subconsciously soundtrack your lives with things like, 'na, na, na, naaa na naaa,' and 'ella, ella, ella,' and other easy to sing-a-long gems.

Secondly, her life just looks miles better than everyone else's, from the parties to the holidays to her general don't-give-a-fug attitude to life.

Thirdly, she's hotter than a chilli coated in volcanic magma, as proven by her occasionally NSFW Instagram feed.

Here's why she's the sexiest celeb you should be following right now.

Firstly she went to the Kadooment carnival dressed like this... 

And proceeded to post photos like this

And this


And *breathe* this...

And when she's not at carnivals she's posting amazing, 'just woke up' snaps

 Or 'heading to a party' snaps


Plus, nearly every other day seems to be 'dress-up' day


And her food always looks awesome


But above all, she's just very, very sexy

Which just about makes her the best person on Instagram, ever. EVER.

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