She gets about a bit doesn’t she, old Katy Perry? This week she was in Madrid for the MTV EMA’s, then New York for the Windows phone launch and Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and today she’s been here in Blighty, launching her very own perfume in Selfridges. Which all in all means she’s only escaped our attentions on one day this week, because, well, it’s kind of hard to ignore her. That’s a pretty sterling PR campaign she’s got going on.

This latest showing could raise a few concerns among the pessimists who thought married life might see Katy dumbing down a bit. But if that’s your worry, we point you to her performance with the VS models earlier this week. Nuff said.

Katy Perry in a purple dress

She can’t not look good that girl. It really does seem impossible. Brand has done pretty well for himself there to become the poorer half of the new ‘it’ couple. We did have a completely necessary and productive day-long meeting (well, we sent a few emails, but the result would have been the same either way) just to see if there was a suitable ‘Brangelina’ type name for the newlyweds. There isn’t.

Katy Perry in a purple dress doing a bunny ears pose

So what we are going to do is just try to pretend that the whole Brand thing never actually happened, and retain the slightest bit of hope that one of these days Katy will meet our gaze from the bushes and a beautiful fairytale will commence. What? We never said ‘the bushes’. You can’t prove it.

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