It's all happened so fast. A bit like when the nerdy girl takes off her glasses and shakes down her hair just before the big party at the movie's climax and suddenly she's glamorous and gorgeous and that quarterback would be LUCKY TO HAVE HER, Kate Winslet's back on our hotness radar like a sexy submarine. She's gone from being glossed over to being obsessed over in a very short space of time.

Here she is getting an Emmy award last weekend, because she's a bloody good actress. We think that's kind of hot, too. She's so good at acting that shadowy boards of gentlemen in black suits have decided that she deserves a big old lump of metal to show her friends. Anyone who's that good at anything has a certain innate sexiness to them, you know.

 Kate Winslet at the Emmys 2011
Except maybe something like sewage engineering, that wouldn't be sexy at all

Although Kate loses points for holding the Emmy the wrong way around. It's true; the people in charge of the Emmys are ridiculously protective of the image of their award. So much so that if you want to use the picture to say 'Hey guys our TV show won this award why don't you buy a DVD' then you absolutely have to have the atom on the left and the lady on the right, or armies of lawyers will descend upon you and sue your bum off.

Hopefully Kate's bum will remain attached, however. We don't think they can sue her for just holding it wrong while people took her picture, anyway.