Kim Kardashian took her bum-baring antics to a whole new level this morning after images were released of her oil-soaked cover with PAPER Magazine, shot by Jean-Paul Goude...



Cynical sections of the internet say it's photoshopped, but we know better - just check Instagram, where Kim is renowned for regularly snapping photos of her collosal keister. In fact, she's revolutionised the 'belfie' game.

'Belfie', you ask? Yeah, it sounds like a dog trying to say 'selfie', but it is in fact the defining sexy photo trend of 2014.

From Miley to Minaj, big celebrity types at the minute can't seem to pick up an iPhone in front of a mirror without doing a 180 and snapping their tush.

Perhaps she was trying to swipe the crown back from model Amber Rose, who posted this earlier in the year...



But if that's the case, then Kim needs to understand that there's room in the world for all different kinds of bum shots...


From Rita Ora's 'Under Shorts Shot'



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To beautiful Bryanna Holly's 'Builder's Bum' 




Sabine Jemeljanova's 'Subtle Belfie'



Or Sahara Rey's 'Side Selfie'



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And of course 'The Original'



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