You only need to take a gander at Instagram or the regular Daily Mail updates to know that belfies are serious contenders in the 'most-snapped-selfie' stakes these days.

From Miley to the perpetual belfies of the Kardashians, it seems big celebrity types can't pick up an iPhone in front of a mirror without doing a 180 and snapping their tush.

Now, model Amber Rose has taken the belfie to a whole new level...


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But, out of all the bum brilliance that has emerged from the belfie, there's one trend that's been cropping up the most recently. The builder's bum.

Sure, if we asked you to dwell on the imagery that the words ‘builder's bum’ usually conjure up, you’d probably (and quite rightly) recoil slightly as you do a little sick in your mouth to banish the thought of a hairy, sweaty man-arse poking from a pair of shit jeans.

Builders are brilliant people, we’re not doubting it. But when it comes to their protruding buttocks on a hot summer's day, quite frankly, we’d rather bathe ourselves in wasps.

And yet, somehow, someway, the classic builder's bum, the old wedgie tester itself, is suddenly becoming a thing. And it’s confusing the hell out of us.

We’re not talking about the dusty bums of a construction site, we’re talking about the perfectly framed derrieres of Instagram obsessives like Rihanna, Emily Ratajkowski and Bryana Holly. And also of course the ladies of the great British public.

We’re not entirely sure how it started but it’s spreading like a sexy disease across the nation. Low slung jeans, oversized dungarees and sheer, backless dresses are quickly becoming our favourite things in the world – brightening up bus rides and parks everywhere and pushing away last year's trend of the underbutt cleavage.

Exhibit A: The Underbutt Cleavage

Exhibit B: The Builder's Bum, as demonstrated by Bryana Holly

But it shouldn’t be right. At best, it’s just an extension of the slightly creepy thong wedgies that everyone was obsessed with in the 90s. At worst, it’s a lady doing an impression of burly bloke that knows more about DIY than you.

Yet for some reason, against all odds, it’s bloody brilliant. It’s driving us crackers. Bum blind, if you will. And regardless of whether it should or shouldn’t be acceptable – we think we might love it.

And so apparently do you lot, with 80% of you going head over helicopters for it when we asked you to vote in last weeks 15 things.

Exhibit C: A builder's bum too far?

Think we’re wrong? Completely agree?

We want your verdict, is it the greatest thing since somebody invented bikini’s or is it a sign of the overly gratuitous times that should be banished alongside Crocs and mullets?

Tell us what your favourite belfie is once you've done some thorough research by looking at the below...

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