As the yearly festival of debauchery, Paganism and Satan worship approaches, we feel obliged to inform you of some horror-related stories. Dead Set, created by everyone's favourite misanthrope Charlie Brooker (who seems to have softened somewhat since his marriage to former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq), premiered recently on American TV, and the critics are fast becoming aware of Ray's little girl, Jaime Winstone. Though if you go anywhere near her he'll pummel your head into the ground like Bruce Willis did to that pervert in Sin City.

If you're wondering what Jaime is doing sitting in the Big Brother chair wielding an axe, it's not because she had a particularly bad day on the celebrity version and lost the plot. The series is based in the BB house over five consecutive nights in which there is an outbreak of zombies, and everyone has to fight for survival. It's a bit like Battle Royale, though with not as many sexy Japanese women.

This is what you're getting, America. So we hope you appreciate her. Critical reception to the series has been mixed, with much of the usual stereotypical nonsense that we've come to expect from our big brother across the pond. However, the one uniform point of agreement is how great mini Winstone is, with EW saying, "Jaime Winstone makes a great, morally compromised heroine". We already knew that. You can't lay claim to discovering this one first. Though they probably will. And Jaime will have adopted a West Coast drawl within a matter of weeks.