We’re very excited about X-Men: First Class, not for its excessive turtleneck wearing cast, but for the pure beauty exuded from one January Jones. And we just saw some new pictures of her looking a bit stroppy (bad thing) but not wearing a top (good thing).

Since we’re the compassionate sort, and we want to increase the discussion on FHM about how stunning JJ is, we’re sharing the pictures with you.

We haven’t the foggiest about the context – maybe her character got home and the thermostat was broken, and she called the repair bloke, but he said ‘Actually it’ll have to wait ‘til I finish this job in Grimsby’ and he will take ages, and all Jan-Jo can do is remove a layer of clothing? Possibly.

Alternatively, she spilled red wine on her whiter-than-a-polar-bears-toe superhero type outfit and she’s flung it in the washing machine with her other whites (don’t wash them with colours. Rookie error).

January would only ever drink white wine from then on

Jan-Jo plays Emma Frost, who is a telepath. That means she knows what you did last summer, you dirty swine.

If Jan-Jo’s character were to use her powers in the office, she would probably hear the following things from the following people:

Tom Howard: "I feel sick and, weirdly, dizzy, after greedily boshing down a Double Decker and a whole pack of yoghurt coated peanuts and raisins."

Rob McGarr: ““I wish Chris Mandle would just bloody SHHH”

Chris Mandle: “If only I were as productive, efficient and witty as Mr Rob McGarr”

What would January Jones hear if she read YOUR thoughts? Let us know below, but if they’re sexual, fetishist or downright dark, then keep them to yourself.