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Posted by , 04 August 2011

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You saw Jasmine dancing on a stage and wooed her with 'classic' romance. She then blew your mind with athletic sex. Just don't let her brothers catch you wearing her smalls....

How did we meet?
You came to see a show I was dancing in. Afterwards you left some flowers and your number backstage.

Smooth. Do you get that a lot?

Sexy males who are into contemporary dance and straight? Not all the time, no.

What happened after that?
I left it two days and sent you a text asking if you fancied meeting up

Where did we go?

You took me to the coast. We had a little picnic, went exploring in caves, did a bit of rowing - something a bit different.

Presumably I did most of the rowing?
(Laughs) No, we were both pulling our weight!

Did we arrange to meet up again?
We didn't, but you did text that night asking if I wanted to see you the next day. I said yes.

More rowing?
No, we planned to go to a funfair but it was raining so we stayed at yours for the afternoon. There was so much chemistry things got a bit interesting...

Oh? How was it?
I'd probably give you a five out of ten.

That doesn't sound very good...
It was just because you'd never been with a dancer before. You're a ten now.

What's so different about being with a dancer?
Everything. We're much more flexible. We can get into all sorts of positions - stuff you'd never experienced before. You couldn't cope at first.

Do we ever argue?
Yes, we're both quite jealous people so it's usually over something silly like that. But sometimes I think we just argue for the sake of make-up sex. The make-up sex is great.

Do your parents like me?

Absolutely, they could tell you really liked me and that's good enough for them. It's my brothers that are difficult. I've got two older brother's and they're quite untrusting of new boyfriends.

What would you do if one of my mates got a bit 'overfriendly'?
I wouldn't say anything unless he actually made a move on me.

Do your friends like me?

They love you because you're a bit of a romantic and you treat me really well.

What romantic things do I do?

If you see something that reminds you of me you take a picture of it. Things like that, which let me know you're thinking of me are important.

Could I be 'The One'?
Maybe. It's going really well so we'll see what happens

If you came home and found me trying on your undies, how would you react?

I'd find it a bit odd, but I wouldn't be too freaked out. I'd talk to you about it and try and find out if you had any hidden fetishes we could explore...

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