Jayde Nicole, for those of you with short memories, was Playmate of the Year in 2008. But once you’ve been Playmate of the Year (and what does that job involve, anyway? Is it strictly a job?), that may well mark the high point of your career, and you have to stay busy and earn some money to keep yourself warm on those cold, lonely nights.

Ghost bar proved popular

Jayde keeps herself busy, it seems, by standing near vaguely important social events – things like Grand Openings, birthday parties of the semi-famous, the ever-present award ceremonies, and so on. Although luckily when she does that, people seem to take pictures of her, which we’re eternally grateful for.

Last weekend she opened a nightclub in Las Vegas called The Posh Boutique Nightclub. That’s an unexciting name if we’ve ever heard one, although it beats the socks off “The Noisy Sweaty Nightclub” and “The Smelly Goth Nightclub.” Luckily neither of those clubs actually exist.*

You know a place is classy when it has brown curtains

Jayde hung around, had some pictures taken of her (great!) and then spent the evening sat in a booth drinking vodka Red Bulls and Jagermeister, which sounds lovely.

The Posh Boutique bar is open on Fridays and Saturdays from midnight to sunrise, and offers an open bar for ladies between the hours of midnight to 2am. That’s fairly impressive. We’re considering putting on some dresses and hitting up the Posh Boutique next time we’re in Vegas, but they probably have some way of telling if you’re just a bloke in a frock:

Two flirtinis and a packet of pork scratchings, my good man!

*At least, they don’t exist under those names. They definitely exist. We were in the first one last Friday.