Here are some pictures for you of Jennifer Aniston posing for the front cover of Allure Magazine. And yes what you can see there is some lovely friendly, girl-next-door under-boob. We are pleased to announce that Rachel from Friends still got it.

It’s a bit of a mystery how she’s actually to keep it, but it’s probably best not to ask too many questions. Some magic has happened in these photos and those clever photo people did that thing with the lights and the hair so it looks like candyfloss you get in heaven.

The wonky fringe really sucks though. She’s obviously running away screaming from her all that ‘Rachel off Friends’ business with those bangs. That must get really old for poor old Jen when she's trying to make eye-wateringly bad romantic comedies.

Jen has always been described as the girl-next-door, which we find a little hard to take. Bearing in mind she earned $1 million an episode for the last series of Friends we doubt we’re in the same mortgage bracket and it seems unlikely she’ll ever move in next to us. That is of course unless she develops a sudden and serious penchant for furry dip selections and towels that smell like wet dog.

Wouldn’t that be just lovely? Popping round to hers to share a packet of Doritos (cool flavour ‘cause she’s too laid back to worry about bad breath) and watching re-runs of her in the Friends glory days. She’s be wearing those silky jimjams and laughing at all our jokes and we wouldn’t even mind if she had Dorito dust in the corners of her mouth. Aaaah.