Being famous clearly has a lot of perks. Getting into exclusive nightclubs, a leggy model for every day of the week and an advertising deal with a reputable chocolate bar. Sounds good, right?

And yet, despite all the fun that comes with being a celeb, there are constant reminders that you are a mere mortal. Take, for instance, Jennifer Garner, who was caught out when she got a parking ticket this week.

Passer-by was appauled at the rude word on the back of Jennifer's shirt

There’s an important lesson here. If you’re a celeb, you are not bulletproof. Of course, people like J-Garn can theoretically hire people to take bullets for them, so in a sense, they are bulletproof.

But who would interview for a job like that? “I have a degree in Engineering and I’m very good at being bulletproof” – or who, when asked as a youngster, chirped up with “When I grow up, I want to take a bullet for a famous actress and die a heroic, but ultimately quiet, death.”

Instead, we suggest people opt for more attainable jobs, such as Executive Firework Tester or Associate Funny Internet Video Looker-At-er.

So it looks like poor J-Garn (NB: we’ve made this nickname up, and hope everyone agrees it is brilliant) will have to fork out a bit of cash for being so reckless and parking more than two hours. What’s the standard rate, £20? Jay-Garny probably spends more than that on ice cubes.

In related news about other things that money can’t prevent – stubbing your toe, spilling a pot noodle down your suit and that weird thing when you kind of bite the inside of your cheek. All contenders.

Garner was no stranger to being followed by apostrophes