If you woke up today, got to work, logged onto FHM.com like we know you do, and were thankful all that Oscar nonsense was done with, think again. More Oscar banter!

Yes, the Oscars were so last yesterday or whatever, but we are more than happy to play the same tune again and again and again. Because the stunning Jennifer Lawrence attended the Vanity Fair after-Oscars party. We mentioned yesterday that Brooklyn Decker was also there.

That’s the great thing about the Oscars – aside from the obvious film stuff – there are tons of celeb-studded parties that aren’t particularly exclusive. Popular people go, in-demand people go, heck, even Jamie Oliver turned up to a bash.

It’s not like the organisers were in need of a celebrity chef who was better in the late nineties but stil churns out 72 new programmes a year for Ch4 while endorsing Sainsbury’s food.

But if Jam-O can get an invite, why the hell can’t we?

While everyone was distracted, the blackberry family snuck into the Oscars

Anyway Jennifer is doing a lot of face-showing in public lately because she is playing shape-shifting Mystique in X-Men: First Class, which comes out in the summer. It’s a shame, because most of the film she will either be completely blue (think a sort of flaky Smurf) or looking like loads of other people.

So Jennifer Lawrence is showing her face despite the fact said face will have a completely different face instead of the face that she’s used to having when her face is in front of your face.

Do you know what we mean?