We don't know much in this crazy world but one thing we're certain of is that sideboob is a beautiful thing, and it seems that the Oxford Online Dictionary also agree as they've decided to include the brilliant phrase in their big list of words:

So in celebration, and starting with this recent, beautifully-angled shot of Jennifer Lawrence, FHM's Sexiest Women In The World,and also starring the lovely likes of Keeley Hazell and Rosie Jones, here's a sexy pictorial tribute to the brilliance that is sideboob.



Jennifer Lawrence sideboob

FHM Sideboob: Keeley Hazell

FHM Sideboob

FHM Sideboob: Katya Sanchez

FHM Sideboob: Beth Humphreys

FHM Sideboob: Bryony Morganna

FHM Sideboob: Ksenija

FHM Sideboob: Emily

FHM Sideboob: Helen

FHM Sideboob: Keira

FHM Sideboob: Seren

FHM Sideboob: Rosie Jones

FHM Sideboob: Summer St Claire