Let’s lay down some facts, shall we? Fact number one: Jennifer Lopez is really sexy. Fact number two: Jennifer Lopez is in Paris.

Well, she was in Paris when these pictures were taken. She was visiting the chirpily-named Fun FM radio station in France’s capital, presumably to talk to them about singing and judging the singing efforts of others, because she’s like that.

Jennifer Lopez looks sexy in Paris
J-Lo attaches a red carpet to her shoes to have luxury wherever she walks

We don’t know where she is now, unfortunately – the tracking beacon went down a few hours ago and although we’ve mobilised some teams to find her, her current whereabouts are unknown. Sorry about that. Presumably she’ll turn up soon if we just sit tight and wait.

Let’s move away from what we don’t know, though, and back to what we do – J Lo is, indeed, sexy. Despite the fact that she’s been around for a good long while now (she’s 42 next month) there remains absolutely zero question as to whether we still would.

We all still would. Come on. Look at those gorgeous legs. A man couldn’t resist legs like that, especially if she asked nicely. Or offered to make us a cup of tea afterwards.*

Jennifer Lopez looks sexy in Paris
Fun fact: Jennifer Lopez' legs are so hot that they can melt iron

What other facts can we lay down? There is a stern, almost disapproving man behind her in one of the pictures. We’re not sure why this is. Maybe he doesn’t like her music (and, well, fair play to him, it’s a bit rubbish), or maybe he’s opposed to short skirts in which case this must be a cause of raging indignation for him.

Anyway, enough about him. Enjoy J-Lo’s fantastic pins. Happy Friday.

*To be fair, we can’t actually imagine J-Lo making a cup of tea ever. If she wanted to get one of her servants to do it, that’s cool too. We’re not fussed