Jennifer Lopez has achieved a fair few things in her life – she’s a singer, an actress, a model, a perfume designer, mother of two and owner of one of the world’s best arses. Now she can add 'Professional Crowd Surfer' to that already bulging list.

Puts us to shame. The achievement of our life so far is when we met Hulk Hogan, and the closest we’ve come to crowdsurfing is when we were forcibly pushed off the stage that one time in uni when we thought it might be a good idea to dance next to the DJ booth.


J-Lo, of course, is a canny lass – she’s not just going to leap headlong into any crowd you care to mention. You won’t find her bounding off the top of a bus shelter into a group of wet commuters, or jumping off the escalators at Primark into the queue for the changing rooms. She’s a professional, after all, so she only crowdsurfs in controlled situations.

Controlled situations like shooting a new video, for example – these pictures are taken from the shoot of her new video Papi. As an aside, that’s a bit weird, isn’t it, the whole "Ai Papi” deal? Kind of along the same lines as asking a woman who her daddy is when you’re making love. We can’t imagine a situation where any answer the lady gives is even moderately arousing.*

Anyway. Enjoy the pictures of her riding the crowd like so many waves, and if they don’t do it for you, we’ve got one of her standing still and looking great, as standard. For variety’s sake. Oh, and the whole thing might actually be an advert for Fiat, we’re not sure. Ho hum.

* Aside from maybe “Tom Selleck!” because, hey, you’re having sex with Tom Selleck’s daughter, that’s pretty awesome. And she happens to be really hot too.