Jennifer Lopez is a judge on American Idol. That’s not a very exciting fact, but it sort of explains these pictures. Not that you need an excuse to look at her, though.

J-Lo is still, apparently, really sexy. She’s also still releasing some pretty shoddy music, as we can see by her latest offering below featuring busy-faced rapper Lil’ Wayne:

See? It’s a bit rubbish. Shame. On the subject of J-Lo still being sexy, she decided to draw attention to this fact by wearing a tight dress to an awards ceremony for televisual genius and creator of American Idol Simon Fuller, where he was given a star wedged into the pavement on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez looks a bit like a sexy mermaid
Here she is, both waving and looking a bit like a mermaid

If you’re wondering what else Simon Fuller has done aside from the Pop Idol franchise,  he’s responsible for S-Club 7 AND S-Club Juniors, and he’s the creator of Dancing with the Stars, which is the US equivalent of Strictly. Full details of his crimes are listed here.

Less “televisual genius” and more “evil genius,” we think. The man’s responsible for an awful lot of brain-meltingly dire music and TV shows. We hope he gives a lot of money to charity, because otherwise he basically qualifies as malign.

Jennifer Lopez sitting down and looking a bit cross
And here she is both sitting down and looking a bit cross

Although he did give the world Rachel Stevens, and he’s indirectly responsible for The Saturdays. Well, two of them, anyway. We guess he’s not all bad, but still. We’ve got our eye on him.

Simon’s star was the 2,441st to be placed, just after Chaka Khan’s. That’s one way of making you feel humble on your big day, eh?