That Jennifer Lopez, eh? She’s quite the enigma. She’s also quite the good-looking lady, as these pics from a BAFTA ceremony in Los Angeles prove without a shadow of a doubt.

She’s an enigma because – well – despite the fact that she’s still Jenny from the block (and she retains the trademark twang at the back of her voice you’d expect to hear used when someone was arguing over the price of churros) she scrubs up well. Real well.

Jennifer Lopez at the BAFTA Brits to Watch ceremony
See what we mean?

Here she is, as previously mentioned, at a BAFTA event called “Brits to Watch.” It was somehow linked to the Royal visit, as Wills and Kate have travelled down from the blasted wastes of Canada following their subjugation of the locals and are now beginning a campaign on the hearts and minds of the USA. 

You might be wondering why there aren’t any pictures of the World’s Sexiest Princess, but that’s because she couldn’t stand up to the hotness that J-Lo was bringing to the table. And we wouldn’t want to make Kate look bad.

Heaven forbid

The title of the event – Brits to Watch – is in fact not a warning to the populace at large to be suitably scared of Kate’s mighty onslaught. Instead, it’s a general meeting of British people in showbusiness who all get together and wear fancy clothes and scab free drinks off BAFTA. Which is fine. We’ve scabbed free drinks off BAFTA in the past. We’re not ashamed.

So why’s J-Lo there? She’s not a Brit – not even slightly – although we can’t really bring ourselves to complain too strongly. She’s so sexy, you know? She can crash any party she likes.