The nineties were very happy times. Bernard’s watch was on telly, puffa jackets were in and Nutri-Grains were a pretty legitimate currency.

When we weren’t sneaking upstairs to watch Eurotrash (Lolo Ferrari, God rest your soul) we were getting our kicks from the utterly delightful festival for the eyeballs that is Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Queen of (in retrospect pretty upbeat) teen horror I Know What You Did Last Summer and Party of Five.

Amongst her many talents Jennifer could list being awesome at wearing high waisted jeans, high-pitched screaming, poloneck crop tops and most admirably, any stretchy polyester fabric, cementing her legacy as a fairly crucial feature of the decade.

Back then, along with your older sister’s mates she was pretty much the pinnacle of everything great that a woman could be. But sometimes you can never know quite how good something could be until it actually happens.

We can all imagine how mind blowingly delicious a steak wrapped in bacon would be, but until you actually try it it’s hard to get your head around. Well Jennifer Love Hewitt has only gone and wrapped herself in (metaphorical) bacon.


Ok , so it’s not bacon it’s a stretchy dress, but check it out - Jennifer Love Hewitt is curvalicious. In fear of doing a Gok Wan(g) we’ve got to Hallelujah, because our teenage sweetheart has (eaten some non-metaphorical bacon) done something fabulous to all of her lady lumps and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Seriously though we are actually still quite sad about Lolo Ferrari.