Jennifer Love Hewitt brought her now-trademark curves to the front row of the Project Runway fashion show in New York last week, which is something we can all be thankful for.

Jennifer (whose name point-blank refuses to be condensed down into a cute sawn-off form - J Lo-Hew? It just doesn't work) hasn't been on the site much, of late - she hasn't been up to a whole lot. But now she is up to a whole lot, and she's back with a vengeance.

Jennifer Love Hewitt at the Project Runway fashion show
Well, maybe she's not up to a whole lot. But she's definitely up to something

If you'll remember, she used to be dead skinny and now she's not, anymore, and we're down with that. We think she looks bloody fantastic - especially the way that she's taken to squeezing herself into dresses that are, we're sure you'll agree, remarkably tight. So tight we remarked on them way back in July.

She's still sporting those tight dresses - as you can no doubt see from these pictures. Jen was at a fashion show for Project Runway (one of your common-or-garden American reality TV shows that happens to be about clothes) which was somehow linked to Mercedes Benz.

Maybe the models drove around in cars? Seems unlikely

We're not sure how, precisely, and we're damned if we're even going to look it up - but most of the available pictures seem to be of Jennifer, and not of the clothes being paraded down the catwalk, so clearly they weren't any great shakes.

What's next for Jennifer? At the moment, she's working on a show called The Client List, which involves her working in some sort of massage parlour/brothel affair in Texas. Grand! Expect plenty of Billie Piper Diary of a Call Girl-style fantasties coming right up.