Why, it’s actress and all-round-sexy lady Jennifer Love Hewitt? What’s she up to? And how did she manage to squeeze into that sexy dress? We did our very best to find out.

The first puzzler, we’ll admit, was easier to solve than the first one. Using our incredible powers of deductive reasoning (we’re like Sherlock Bloody Holmes, we are) we saw a fragment of a phrase on a poster behind her – “...BLE BOSSES".

“Ble Bosses?” It doesn’t even make sense. Back to square one. But wait – she’s on a red carpet, right? Like the ones they use at movie premieres? And wasn’t there that film out recently called Horrible Bosses, which would provide the last (and crucial) link to this piece of the puzzle?

Jennifer Love Hewitt at the Horrible Bosses premiere
By George, we think we've got it!

Of course! Jennifer Love Hewitt was at a premiere for Horrible Bosses, a film which we happened to write about earlier this week. It all makes so much sense now. It’s good to see Jennifer out and about, even if she’s not doing anything particularly noteworthy – the last time she was on our site was around a year ago when we showed you a bunch of .gifs with her spectacular cleavage knocking about the place like an jiggly Newton’s Cradle.

Yeah, you should go watch them again. Hell, we did.

Oh, and how did she manage to squeeze into that sexy dress? We dunno. Baby oil? Sure. Let’s go with that. It was baby oil. That’s both practical and, now we think about it, sexier than any actual explanation we might uncover should we actually look.*

*Unless, well, unless she was gradually rolled into it by a team of naked Swedish masseuses in a legendary display of lesbian erotica. But that’s really unlikely