Remember us telling you that Lucy Pinder and some other sexy soaped-up chums were washing a motorbike to promote Bennetts bike insurance? If you do, well done, you get 10 points. And, as the rules of this game go: points mean nothing.

If you don’t remember that piece of important news, you get no points. And we suggest you click on the above link and watch 1 minute and 22 seconds of sudsy sexiness as your punishment. Yep, we’re a hard taskmaster, but it’s only for your own good.

Anyhoo, good ol’ Bennetts aren’t resting on their laurels. They’ve dispensed with L-Pinds and brought in Hollyoaks hotstuff Jennifer Metcalfe, the very same husky-voiced honey that we take on a hot date to Nando’s in our Kim Kardashian-fronted March issue, which is available to buy right now. Mmm, tasty chicken.

"And where am I supposed to keep my keys?"

Jennifer Metcalfe’s agent is obviously a lot better than Lucy Pinder’s. Lucy Pinder had to share a nice red motorbike with two other chesty chums, while Jennifer Metcalfe gets one all to herself. Also, J-Met hasn’t had to wash her bike, it’s already gleaming and ready to ride. They’ve even given her some leathers to wear as she tears through the streets of Chester. They got her size wrong, which must have led to some embarrassment as the Metster bounced up and down trying to get the zip over her voluptuous frame, but she doesn’t seem overly troubled by it.

Jenny-to-the-Met was astride her two-wheeled steed to promote the launch of 2011 Bennetts Babes, an annual competition to find hot women who want a modelling contract. In previous years they’ve unearthed such chickadees as Big Brother champ Sophie Reade and one of the ones on The Only Way Is Essex who is actually a bit attractive (Maria Fowler).

Mirror... signal... manoeuvre...