It's good to see our Aussie counterparts have managed to poach Jesinta Campbell, the rather stunning Miss Universe contestant on the cover of their December 2010 issue. Well, she should be stunning, shouldn't she? It's not Miss Skegness she's competing for, it's the entire Universe, for God's sake. Stop for a minute and give that some contemplation. It's intimating that her arrangement of molecules are more aesthetically attractive than any other batch of living organism's in a space whose size is beyond any sort of comprehension. That's quite an accolade.

Jesinta Campbell on cover of FHM Australia

We think this is a shining example of magazine graphics. Everything is in synchrony: excellent font usage, innovative background landscape and general harmonious proxemics. And Jesinta doesn't look bad either, though she's somewhat secondary to the blinding brilliance of the surrounding design. Alright, enough self-congratulation. Just get on a plane to Sydney and buy a copy.

Jesinta Campbell sexy for FHM Australia

Because this is what you'll be getting. In fact, there's an entire nine-page spread you'll be getting, if you stop reading this now, get up off your arse, and get on that flight. We'll even reimburse your ticket. Until we go bankrupt, that is. Never say we don't go the extra 10,000 miles for our readers.

Now, if you're looking at the pics, thinking "I've seen this somewhere before", you've just given away your age, we're afraid. The shoot is inspired by the 1968 space-age, LSD-trip film Barbarella, which originally starred Jane Fonda. We don't need mind-altering drugs to see that Jesinta looks better than anything this side of the moon. Even better than that cute little tree monkey who lives in the bin of our downstairs loo.