7 sexy ladies who made us forget that the weather was absolutely ridiculous this month

Posted by , 31 March 2014

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba? She’s been around ages, hasn’t she?

Yes, yes she has, and we realise we don’t really need to tell you how hot she is because we already told you that in 2007 when we named her our Sexiest Woman In The World. But if you needed reminding, you could just check out some of her amazingly sexy screen moments like this…


Right! So what gives?

As of late, Miss Alba has been a little quiet, but this month she got us all ridiculously excited again when some images from Sin City: A Dame To Kill For were dropped into the internet-o-sphere and, they were just… well, take a look yourself.


Wow. We know right?

She’s going to be back in the comic book-noir franchise playing the slightly damaged, slightly badass, amazingly hot dancer Nancy Callahan. Which if the last film is anything to go by, will involve lots of things like this.

We can’t wait.


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