Don’t get too excited. Not only is the new Fockers instalment almost upon us, but it’s also got Jessica Alba in it. This is presumably why she was at the New York premiere of the film last night, but what it still doesn’t explain is just why is she so darn hot? Too darn hot, in fact, as Sammy Davis Jr. would be singing (if he were still alive).

Jess plays a drug sales rep selling a Viagra-like pill who tries it on with the hapless Gaylord Focker. We can imagine he handles it really smoothly. Then, to complete the chaos, Owen Wilson turns up as Fockers’ wife’s ex and starts flirting with her. It’s got farce written all over it, but that’s just what we’ve loved about the previous two.

"That's it now. There's no use struggling"

 Bobby De Niro was also at the premiere, goofing around and being all laid back, in line with his reputation. The funny thing is, the younger generation will probably remember Bob as a comic actor, because he hasn’t made a really good ‘serious’ film in years. Maybe he thinks he’s done it all and now just wants to spend the rest of his years having a laugh. He evidently doesn’t know that we’re still waiting for a Taxi Driver sequel, taking place in Hades, where Travis Bickle is consigned to chauffeur around a perpetual fare-dodger by the name of Adolf Hitler for an eternity.

After fighting off De Niro, Jess didn't look much the worse for wear

As we discovered from the very misleading Machete debacle, in which she callously used a body double for her nude shower scene, Jess has a no-nudity clause in her contract because she is a God-fearing Christian. This is a shame, but you can’t argue with religion. Well, you can, but you may as well go and jump into the crocodile enclosure in London Zoo for all the good it’ll be doing you.