You know what we just can't get enough of? Peanut butter - it's just so deliciously satisfying, and you can pretend you're eating as an exercisey protein boost, even though you're having it on toast while watching The Inbetweeners. But also, Jessica Alba. She's always good. Today she is being good by hanging out in her pants in Italian Vanity Fair.

Jessica Alba in Italian Vanity Fair

Jessica is still on the promotional rounds for Machete, a publicity tour that seems to have taken her to pretty much every country in the world, where she mainly spent her time looking excellent. The movie, in which she plays an immigration officer who is sent to track down a vigilante (Danny Trejo), premiered at the Venice Film Festival and got pretty good reaction. Also getting pretty good reaction, this photo:

Jessica Alba in a bath in Italian Vanity Fair

Not getting such a strong reaction, this photo:

Jessica Alba underneath a glass table in Italian Vanity Fair

This last photo is a bit weird, Jessica. We've read far too many urban myths about Hollywood stars lying under glass coffee tables, while someone does something unspeakable on top, to find this in any way erotic. Anyway, up until that point you were golden.