Having laid-low after the revelation that she’s not actually naked in the film Machete – a fact which shattered the illusions of a lot of men in the world – Jessica Alba has made a pretty low-key comeback in the Russian edition of Marie Claire.

We’re still reeling from the Machete news here at FHM – it’s the hope that kills you. In a matter of a few weeks we’ve had to go from what we thought was a starkers Jessica Alba to a very much fully clothed one. Nevertheless, Jessica is still pretty good to look at:

Unfortunately, as see-through as her white top is, she’s covered up and gone defensive with a black item underneath in a kind of Man City-esque two holding midfielder’s move. We think she’s more suited to the Blackpool approach (no, not tangerine); going on the attack regardless, even if it means you end up getting spanked.

We’re not sure how long we can hold a grudge against Jessica for, seeing as she did actually say she’d never go nude in a film. We just saw it, liked it, and refused to believe it could be anything other than 100% Alba. We should learn from our mistake, but the next time there’s a suggestion of nakedness from her we’ll probably just come over all giddy and go through the whole process again.

Just don’t look in to her eyes - because they're a bit scary. No, Jessica, we’re still not happy about it. How could you? You ruined the dream. We…oh ok, we forgive you.

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