Ah the Baftas. A time where we can unleash the film critic in us, spit vitriol at the winners and eat Pop Tarts in the evening. Truly one of the highlights in our increasingly stale, empty calendar.

Okay, so we weren’t invited to the actual thing. We might have been, but we changed our address lately, and you know how SW postcodes are…our invite probably got lost in the post.

But we watched a bit on telly, and sometimes looked at Twitter so we could get a vague idea of how we should be feeling.

And aside from all the film stuff, which is obviously the whole point, it’s seeing girls like Jessica Alba gracing the red carpet that seem to put the world at ease for one blissful evening.

Quality Street was enjoying his new job

We fell out with Jessica Alba after Fantastic Four 2: Rise Of The Silver Surfer. That was a really bad film, especially when you consider the fact that whenever she was naked, she was also invisible.

So when FHM’s mate said “Jessica Alba is naked in the new Fantastic Four film,” we went along, and were sorely disappointed. “She’s naked, but invisible,” the friend pointed out, chuckling. Said friend is now deleted off Facebook.

All is forgiven, Alba. Even if you did go and have a kid with someone else.

In related news, we weren’t best impressed with Sarah Harding last week because she looked rough as old toast. But last night she was papped in a red dress and, even though appears to have just one leg, we’re pretty sure the other one is tucked away somewhere. You've bounced back, Harding.