Brand new! Exclusive! World first! Hype these pics of Jessica-Jane Clement up as much as you want, because it’s true. No-one has seen them before.

That sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Which is why you’re looking at the 25-year-old Yorkshire lovely writhing in her red lingerie and thinking, ‘Hmm, there’s a catch in here somewhere.’

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Your cynicism is understandable. We mean, things like this don’t happen. Unseen pictures of one of Britain’s hottest women don’t just find their way into your life early on a Wednesday evening. Which means this article must be some sort of con, right? Wrong.

You couldn’t be more wrong, in fact, because this article actually involves Jessica-Jane telling you how to pull off cons. Why would JJ reveal such secrets? Out of the goodness of her heart, of course. Just kidding, she’s promoting the DVD release of Knucklehead (out now), a comedy that revolves around a crap conman.

What’s the most risky con?
"Pick-pocketing is always dodgy, but it all depends on the person you are scamming. If it's a big burly bloke, who's not going to being scammed lightly, then it's going to be risky!”

Do your looks help you pull off cons?
“I'm definitely a make-up, big hair and long nails kind of girl. But the more I glam up, the more I tend to get recognised, so I'm trying to be a bit more natural nowadays. Apart from on shoots, obviously.”

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Do you use your methods of persuasion in other walks of life?
“Ha. I find that a smile and a wink gets you quite far without having to go into hustler mode.”

Point taken. Right, we’re going to try and pull off a con. What attributes do we need?
“No shame, no conscience and the ability to think on your feet. You never know exactly how the other person is going to react.”

Why do you think that Knucklehead’s main character Eddie has so many problems pulling off cons?
“Eddie goes for 'get-rich-quick' schemes and those sort of schemes carry a high risk of losing everything. Also, he lets his personal feelings get in the way. As a con artist you can’t let that happen."

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Have you ever used an accomplice without them knowing they are involved in a con in the way Eddie uses Walter in Knucklehead?
“Yes, we do that a lot with poker games. We convince the mark that there is no way they can lose and then exploit their greed and naivety. Also, we did a boxing match with Brendan Cole as our celebrity scammer. The marks thought we were fixing the fight so that they could win big. We were fixing the fight, of course, but to make sure they lose all their money. That was one of my favourite ever scams."

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