Happy Birthday Jessica Lowndes. Happy Birthday indeed. Jessica turned 22 over the weekend, and had her birthday party at the place that everyone should when they hit the, err, ‘big 2-2’: Las Vegas.

The problem with posing for photographs when you are out celebrating your birthday and you’re the only famous person there is it looks like you have no friends.

We’re pretty sure Jessica does have a bunch of BFF’s with her, they’re just off drinking her champagne while she stands around being all smiley and professional for the photographers. Becoming twenty-two looks like it sucks if you’re known:

Jessica Lowndes in a blue dress in a Las Vegas nightclub

Then again, it must have been her choice to hit Sin City for the celebrations. She could have just taken a leaf out of our book and started in the nearest ‘Spoons having invited an extra 20 people we don’t really know just because we can expect a free drink out of them, and ended the night blagging some free spicy wings by standing in front of the counter and bleating about how awful the neighbouring takeaway establishments are. Foolproof.

What Jessica did get though was a massive poncey cake. Which is just what you want when you’ve finally hit the nightclub, isn’t it? Never really tested whether a Victoria sponge would get everyone busting out some shapes. We are left wondering what the outcome would be if we approached a girl in the club with the line “Can I get you a drink, or maybe a slice of Black Forest Gateaux?” Can’t be any worse than the usual outcome when our wallet ends up three double vodka and cokes lighter and we realise that 07123456789 probably isn’t their number.

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