Jessie J doesn't seem to own any clothes that aren't black catsuits. We're not complaining or anything, but she's certainly got a lot of them. More than we have, anyway.

Here she is receiving a Q Award for best video – she won it for her song Do It Like A Dude, the video for which you can see below. But why is Do It Like A Dude such a timeless classic? We analyse the lyrical content:

Stomp stomp I've arrived
Drop the beat, nasty face
Why ya lookin' at me? 

Well, Jessie, we're looking at you thanks to your unique fashion stylings and brash attitude. Should we not look at you? Perhaps a demure T-shirt and jeans might be in order if you wish to go unnoticed. Also, less of the "nasty face", please. We'll have you know we're not feeling very well at the moment.

Jessie J at the Q Awards
We'll be alright after a couple of days and a nice rest, just you watch

Flyin' flyin' flyin' flyin' through the sky
In my spaceship
I'm an alien tonight 

Jessie J owns a spaceship, and is an alien. Yes? That's what she's saying, anyway. Perhaps she's underlining the "alien" nature of her machismo-led actions. Or maybe she's really an alien.

Dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty sucka
You think I can't get hurt like you, you motherf.... 

Quite the opposite, Jessie! We've had enough footballs in the nuts to realise the fragility of human existence, and we're all too aware that pain is something that touches us all. Sometimes more than once a game, if we're in goal.

We can do it like the man'dem, man'dem
We can do it like the man'dem, man'dem
Sugar sugar sugar 

Jessie J at the Q Awards
Horns: thrown

What is the “man'dem?” A kind of tandem for men? Possibly. Jessie J and her cronies can certainly do it, whatever “it” is, much the manner of a man'dem.

You know what? We doubt we'll ever understand the hip street parlance of Jessie and her mates, no matter how many hats they wear low or how many crotches they grab. We'll stop here. Still, hats off to her on winning the award and everything. It is a pretty good video after all.