There’s probably been a time in your life when you’ve been going out with someone perfectly lovely, and suddenly you realise that their sister is much better looking than they are. It’s sad. Probably younger, trimmer, more fun, more inclined to stay out late drinking and less bothered about getting up early for work the next morning.

Not that we’re speaking from personal experience, or anything. Not at all. We’re not bitter.

Anyway, imagine you’re going out with Joanna Krupa. Don’t ask how it happened, we’re not going to make up that part of the fantasy for you – oh fine, alright – there was a ski lift malfunction, you rescued an injured deer, the emergency vets all praised you for your bravery, Joanna was watching and fell madly in love with you. Okay?

For further "reference," this is a picture of the pair of them from FHM Germany

So you’re going out with her, and one day the pair of you meet her sister Marta Krupa for lunch, and bang – she’s astonishingly hot. You don’t know what to do. Then a warm glow washes over you as you realise that it’s okay, because they’re both astonishingly hot, and you haven’t made a bad choice.

Then they get all soapy and start wrestling each other, and you feel a bit pervy watching because they’re sisters but also incredibly alright with it and on second thoughts we’d better stop the fantasy there.

Top left wall was shocked

And we’re back in the room. Here’s Joanna Krupa, underwear model extraordinaire, with her equally hot sister Marta Krupa at the Third Annual Star Magazine All Hollywood Event last weekend, which is a bit of a long-winded title for a thing to have. Don't they look nice?