2Jodie Marsh and Holly Hagan don't have much in common.

Jodie's from Essex, Holly's from Newcastle. Jodie's a bodybuilder, Holly's… well, we're not sure what she is, but she's definitely not a body builder.

What they do have in common is humungo-mega-boobs and hair that is redder than Mars. We're also pretty sure neither is real.

This week, Jodie Marsh has once again managed to find herself caught up in some gaffer tape not wearing many clothes, this time on the front cover of ZOO magazine.

Holly, meanwhile, was last spotted eyeballing a bouncer in the rough part of Newcastle.

So, who do you prefer? Or would you rather have sex with two inflated party balloons topped with a scarlet wig?

Before you make your mind up, a choice quote from each:

Jodie: "I'm always snogging Kirk Norcross, but I'm not putting out for him. I could teach him a thing or two in the bedroom, I'd ruin him."

Holly: "I'm fit, I'm flirty and I've got double Fs."

Let us know who your fave is below!

Next week we'll be delivering another sexy ginger dilemma – and we're looking for potential candidates.

So far Karen Gillan, Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks and Jessica Rabbit are in the mix – let us know who you want to see on our Facebook page, and we'll make it happen.