We’re betting you don’t even know who JoJo is, and fair enough. She’s not the most famous of people to feature on this site (the most famous person, by the way, is probably that sexpot The Queen) but she had a career, once, briefly, back in 2004.

She had a song called Leave (Get Out) which we’re going to link to below, because a) completeness and b) the goddamn song’s stuck in our heads now, so it might as well be stuck in yours.

We couldn't get the proper video because some numpty disabled embedding on it

One quick note – she was 14 when that video was shot, so, you know, stop finding her attractive. Focus on the current, legal JoJo who, come December, will be 21 and able to buy a drink in the States. Presumably at all these fancy parties she’s just having orange juice and sulking. 

JoJo poses for the cameras at a launch party for Audrina
We'd buy her a drink

Anyway, JoJo (full name JoJo Noelle Blagden Levesque; seriously, we’re not making this up, who’d put their child through that anyway) is BACK. Back like the sexy that Justin Timberlake was purportedly bringing before he started shaving himself with chainsaws. Back like the back baby got when Sir Mix-a-Lot is singing. Back like Baby Back Ribs.

Maybe we’re labouring the point a little. She’s got a new album coming out at some point in the future called Jumping Trains - maybe, it’s not terribly clear. If the video features her jumping between trains in a Mission Impossible-style gunfight, so much the better.

You remember Christina, sure you do. She had that sexy video called Dip It Low

These pictures were taken while she was at an event to launch that Audrina Partridge’s new reality TV show. She was joined by the Partridge (obviously) and similarly-forgotten songstress Christina Milian. Wonder what she’s up to, these days?

JoJo at the launch for Audrina
Probably working in Tesco's or something

Anyway, JoJo, best of luck with your career, even if your name makes you sound like a bloody clown.