As soon as we laid eyes on Mercedes the waitress, the sexy star of Avicii's latest video "You Make Me", we just had to find out who she was. With those big eyes and long socks, surely men everywhere would already be proclaiming their love for her from rooftops, mountain peaks and... Twitter.

But when we searched... NOBODY knew who she was. Comment boxes, message boards and newsfeeds everywhere were all filled with the same desperate cries of: "Who is this girl?"

We realised then that it was our duty at FHM to find this seductive secret of the internet, so we sent a rather awkward email to her male co-star, who was much easier to track down (thank you fan girls of Tumblr).

Her name is Julia Morrison and she's an actress based in NYC. She also goes by the name of Jelly Morrison, which is just the tip of the kooky, incredible iceberg that is her. Not that she's cold. She's super-hot. And probably really lovely too.

Anyway, on with the sheer admiration...

First things first, here's the video in question:

And now you understand why we made it our mission to find out her identity.

Her Tumblr is crammed with the most incredible GIFs and pictures.

Julia Morrison: FHM's Midweek Hottie

Julia Morrison: FHM's Midweek Hottie

According to her Tumblr, she'll be appearing in Anesthesia, the new film from Tim Blake Nelson, who brought us Leaves Of Grass, starring Edward Norton, and played Delmar in O Brother, Where Art Thou?



She has a BSc in Biology and Environmental Science. So she's smart, sexy and environmentally friendly. Hurray! 

Julia Morrison: FHM's Midweek Hottie


She doesn't use her Instagram that much, which is a shame, since it's got pictures like this one of her flying a plane...

And wearing cat ears...

And cooking shitloads of pork.

She is incredibly profound.

On the subject of acting: "How exciting and strange it is to understand myself through the process of becoming someone else!"

On growing up:  "I do not see 'growing up' as a destination, but rather as a process that evolves over the course of one’s lifetime.  I’d like to stay open and curious forever."

On how we're like trees: "Like a tree, we root down in order to lift up. As we grow taller and stronger, we eventually require more space to grow."

She could sell ice to eskimos and everyone knows it.

Here she is dancing to promote a beach party:


And here she is lying in the grass and talking all seductively to promote a film festival:


Julia Morrison is too far hidden in the deep, dark corners of the internet. This needs to change NOW. Show your love for Jelly and share this on Twitter and Facebook.


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